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Internet trade

Ezhou Baofeng Metal Wool Technology Group Co. Ltd will also strive to develop towards the general direction of Internet trade.

Against the background of the epidemic, THE National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the Implementation Plan on Promoting the Action of "Enriching Wisdom with Numbers in Cloud" and Fostering The Development of New Economy: 

By increasing the support for common development platform, open source community, common solutions, basic software and hardware, it builds a multi-layer interconnected industrial Internet platform to promote enterprise digitization.

We will promote the digitization of supply chain elements and the supply chain of data elements, and support the building of a digital industrial chain of "RESEARCH and development + production + supply chain".

We will develop new forms of business such as digital trade, telecommuting, and internet-based healthcare, innovate in order financing and supply chain finance, and build a digital ecosystem of "production service + business model + financial service" based on digital platforms.

Relevant measures will help to significantly increase the penetration rate of "cloud usage", promote the development and growth of domestic basic hardware and software, new infrastructure, cloud computing and Internet platforms, and foster the development of new models of digital ecology.