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Xi stressed that the urgent task facing Hubei is to fully coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.


We should do our best to prevent and control the epidemic on a regular basis, combine regular and targeted prevention and control with local emergency response, strengthen targeted community prevention and control, expand the scope of testing, and consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control.


To speed up the return to work and production, after shutdown, around key industrial chain, leading enterprises, precise allocation of funds for major investment projects, focus on helping to solve industrial chain synergy return to work the various plugging point, difficult point in production, help to solve the practical difficulties facing the micro enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, grasp and implement various measures to stimulate consumption, one thousand by the outbreak caused losses to a minimum.


We need to do a good job in "six protect" employment for college graduates and rural migrant workers and other key groups, to protect the basic livelihood of the people, help the masses solve practical difficulties in aspects of social security, health care, schools, out security work well implement special difficult people, and resolutely to complete the rest of the poor people out of poverty, prevent because of the plague of poverty or Chinese.


We should attach great importance to resolving the possible "post-coVID-19 syndrome", continue to do a good job in the rehabilitation of patients and psychological counseling, and comfort the families of the sick and dead, and properly address the reasonable appeals of people whose interests have been damaged by the epidemic.


The central government, state organs and enterprises of the central government should continue to increase their support for the recovery of Hubei province after the epidemic, and ensure that all policies and measures are implemented in Hubei province, with early results and benefits, so as to turn policy advantages into development advantages.